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About Us

Solutions require more than just fast and careful delivery of quality aviation parts. They require the commitment of a real partner, like RED International. In response to growing customer demand, we have  developed a range of quality features built to support all your operational needs, each and every day.

We provide a unique ‘one-stop’ service for parts and value-added services.  Our customers know that they can rely on us over the long term  to help them achieve greater efficiency and lower operational costs.


RED International personnel have the expertise and know-how to support your everyday part needs. With years of parts support experience behind us, and with extensive industry knowledge, Galaxy Aviation staff will keep you flying.



Effective solutions require experience and market knowledge. No matter how complex your inquiry, we will deliver fast, professional results. That is  because we bring industry-specific knowledge and a strong sense of partnership to every request you make. Compelling problem-solving skills, excellent quality control, plus an extensive international supplier network of parts inventory – all these translate into solutions that work for you.



We pride ourselves on offering our customers a responsive, high quality service with a personal touch. Whenever you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we will be available to fulfill your request.


Quality Control:

All items are accompanied by a FAA Form1 or 8130-3, as well as a company Certificate of Conformity and full traceability. We operate according to strict quality assurance guidelines.


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